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First of the New

Luke Skywalker
8 June 1988
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Name: Luke Skywalker
"Real" Name: George Hamill
Room Number:
Age: 21
Hair Color: Dirty blonde.
Eye Color: Blue.
Height: 5'9"
Other Characteristics: A bit beat up, but otherwise looks fine.

Main Language: Galactic Basic
Second Language(s): None.

Current Physical Status: Healthy and alive.
Current Power Limitations: Most of his powers will be extremely nerfed to non-existent. He won't be able to read minds. He won't be able to affect minds. He will retain a limited degree of empathy. If he concentrates, he'll be able to pick up strong surface emotions – that's about it for that particular power. He also won't be able to influence perceptions, etc.

His danger sense will mostly remain intact, as it's not incredibly game-breaking. Mostly it manifests as a “bad feeling” or warning.

He won't be able to see the future (not that he was much good at it anyway), even while meditating. Very, very large disturbances in the Force (like, say, a planet exploding), he'll still pick up on. However, I doubt anything of that nature will be happening in-game.

His ability to enhance his physical attributes will also be mostly gone. At most, he might be able to run a bit faster or a bit farther before needing to rest. He will not be making any large jumps straight up, across or otherwise be able to do anything beyond human norms. His reflexes, while still being good, won't be beyond human levels either.

His telekenesis will be limited, similar to how it functioned for him at the very beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. He will struggle to lift or work free a flashlight-sized object and it will take concentration – lots of it – just to get it to his hand. So, he won't be pulling guns out of peoples' hands anytime soon or anything like that. Although he might be able to float small objects over to himself, given enough time.
Current Belongings (make sure to specify if your character wears their canon outfit during nightshift if you won it for them through Oktoberfest): N/A

Informational Link: Luke's Damned application
Series (name of the series the character is from): Star Wars
"Real Life" Background: None, as of yet
Rank: To be filled.
Pins: None.

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